Connections Between School, Family and Community

Livingston Street at the parkThe Livingston Street Early Childhood Community is dedicated to making connections between the families attending the program and the broader school community. Many times in daycare settings, friendships occur between children and connections form among staff and children. However, the relationships stop there. At Livingston Street, relationships between families and the broader school community are encouraged and reinforced. Following the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” the program offers several ways for families to connect with each other and their community in friendship and support. After school, potluck dinners are held bi-monthly for families to meet and connect. Teachers and staff are expected to attend. Additionally, there are volunteer opportunities for the program to reach out to the surrounding community. Teachers and staff are also expected to take part in the volunteer opportunities, which may include a city park clean-up, or a clothing drive. As a volunteer opportunity unfolds, the activity is reflected in the classroom curriculum, enhancing children’s understanding of social responsibility and commitment.

Livingston Street Early Childhood Community recognizes that many families cannot afford quality care for their children. At times, families are forced to choose childcare arrangements that are less than ideal and sometimes dangerous. In responding to the connection between school, family and community, Livingston Street Early Childhood Community keeps 25 percent of the childcare slots available for families utilizing subsidized childcare monies. Responsive early childcare positively impacts children and families from all economic backgrounds and contributes to the betterment of the larger community.