About Livingston Street

Livingston Street Early Childhood Community is a different kind of childcare center. Here’s how one parent described her experience in a thank you letter written to the teachers at Livingston Street at the end of the 2012-2013 school year:

Livingston Street Mural painting

“We can’t thank you enough for ‘holding’ our little girl in her growth. Your way of being with the children is a great role model for parenting. We couldn’t have felt more trusting and confident in your amazing abilities.

“I appreciate all your clever and creative class preparations. I appreciate that on our child’s first day, you put out a doll and water for her to play with. And, I appreciate your dedication and healthful snacks. Your community commitment is prize worthy. This is what school should be like! I feel so happy to say that all my child really needs to know she learned at Livingston Street.”

At Livingston Street, emotional well-being and social competence are nourished in young children through the creation of meaningful relationships with a diverse group of people, the development of early literacy and communication skills, and school wide participation in the process of community service. We have five goals in support of this mission:

  1. To provide a safe and fun place for children to explore and develop their own sense of identity.
  2. To create relationships of compassion, trust, and respect, and to provide a network of social support, community engagement, and cooperative spirit for children, families and staff.
  3. To provide an integrated education, recognizing that social/emotional, cognitive and physical development are inextricably linked.
  4. To create an early childhood community that embraces the diversity of the broader community.
  5. To promote the ideals of community involvement.

Come check us out and see how Livingston Street strives to offer a different kind of child care.