A different kind of childcare center
A photo of children playing outdoors.

Livingston Street is New York State licensed daycare center and early childhood program.

The caregivers are educated to provide hands-on, community focused, and fun learning with children ages 3-5 years old and their families.

Livingston Street operates year round from 8-3PM, Monday-Friday.

There are 5 Goals in support of the mission at Livingston Street:

  1. To provide a safe and fun place for children to explore and develop their own sense of identity.
  2. To create relationships of compassion, trust, and respect, and to provide a network of social support, community engagement, and cooperative spirit for children, families and staff.
  3. To provide an integrated education, recognizing that social/emotional, cognitive and physical development are inextricably linked.
  4. To create an early childhood community that embraces the diversity of the broader community.
  5. To promote the ideals of community involvement.

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