Responsive and Intentional

Livingston Street is alive and dynamic, just like young children, because we practice responsive and intentional care. Our caregivers operate with a clear understanding of our mission statement, often referring back to our goals and checking them against our actions and practices to make sure the two are in agreement.  We tune into the daily needs of the group – energy level, interests, excitements- and we use these needs to guide our day. In the larger picture, the needs of the community and families guide the arc of our program throughout the year, like the ways we engage with parents and primary caregivers and the specific systems of support we offer. You can be sure that when you join our community, your time here will be unique; you and your family will be nourished with intentional care.

Livingston Street caregivers are informed deeply by the latest research on human and brain development as well as years of experience from all walks of life – not just childcare. We know that children are focused on the process of what’s at hand, not the product that may be produced, therefore we respond to this need by being heavily process-oriented. When you move away from being product-oriented, the child begins to own her own growth – it is not marked by art projects, words written, or numbers memorized, but rather in self-expression, thoughts of empathy, and resilience. These aspects of human development are impossible to measure, but become clear through close relationship with the child. Ultimately, it is this relationship with the child and families that guide us and help us to provide high quality, intentional care.