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    Sally Chakwin

    Hi families,

    We’ve had some questions in the Green Room about where to find the best cheapbutgood clothes for kids, especially with winter approaching. So here is a page where we can offer hand-me-downs to other families, and tips about where to acquire the clothes you need.

    If you have clothes your child is growing out of, or are in need of some new gear, let us know!

    Marcella Spera

    This is a wonderful idea!
    I have a pair of size 9 Bogs boots to hand down, they are dark green (gender neutral) and in good condition.
    I’m definitely in need of hand-me-downs for my boy, he is wearing size 4 – 5T. I’m especially looking for layers for the winter like fleece, undergarments, and warm pants.
    Thank you, looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

    Hillary Lopes

    Hello. I would also love to get some hand me downs for my boys. They are in size 3T. Also looking for good recs for winter boots 🥾 thank you

    Marcella Spera

    If they wear size 9 then the Bogs boots we have would be great. Sebastian has outgrown 3T and I’ve mostly given away these clothes but I’ll check to see whether we have any left 🙂

    Sally Chakwin

    more info on good quality fall/winter gear…

    Here is a link Cheryl shared back in September that offers tips on dressing for the weather:

    Here is another link I’ve found that explains proper layering, and recommends good brands to try out:

    Some of the brands they list in the above article:
    Playshoes Raingear
    Polarn O Pyret

    I recommend searching for clothing on eBay or another second-hand seller that can offer brand names at an affordable price, and talking with other families at drop-off and pick-up if you’d like ideas as to where to acquire clothing, or coordinating hand-me-downs. Please feel free to share your ideas here too!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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