What is your most prized possession?

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    Sally Chakwin

    While reading the classic folk tale ABIYOYO, we stopped on a page that explained how the townsfolk in the story grabbed their most precious possessions from their houses when the giant ABIYOYO came to attack.

    I wondered, what special items would the children grab from their houses if they had to run for cover?

    Otto: All of my cars.

    Henry: My whole house.

    Ripley: My whole family.

    Ollie: My teddy.

    Link: My red house.

    Sage: Abiyoyo already got it!

    Chunka: Two old cars.

    Malcolm: My two purple cars.

    Louis: I would save my lion pillow and I would save my other one, the rainbow pillow.

    Lilia: Nothing.

    Jake: My whole house.

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