What makes you feel brave?

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    Sally Chakwin

    We read one of our favorite spooky books recently, The Taily-Po. Afterwards we decided to pick up our spirits by thinking about what makes us BRAVE.

    Sage: Monsters don’t bite me.

    Ripley: When I get the Taily-Po.

    Mila: I’m not scared of anything cause things that are scary are not too scary to me.

    Otto: Riding the bike cause I ride and I get more trained at it. I don’t even ask a grown-up.

    Ollie: There was a spider on my foot but I was brave about it.

    Henry: I’m brave of climbing that tree. When my Momma gives me a hug goodnight I’m brave the whole night.

    Link: My momma and my nana.

    Elliot: I do this but not scared of it: backwards sitting on the hill.

    Malcolm: Mama and Dada

    Louis: When I’m climbing the tree I feel scared and my mom throws up my lovey and then I feel calm and I don’t say ‘I need my lovey’ again.

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